Friday, January 9, 2009

Kitchen Decorating

I photographed the cover of my Galloping Gourmet Cookbook 1966 because it had an interesting kitchen idea. (Original cover photograph by Maurie Kavanaugh). So if you look closely at his state of the art 1966 kitchen you see terra cotta wine holders stacked above the refrigerator and wall ovens. I thought the look was kind of fun and I am working on making kind of a wine bar or wine room (haven't decided) and I really liked the look of the terra cotta.

There are several companies that make these stackable terra cotta wine holders or you could improvise. You could use sewer tile which is a terra cotta semi squarish tile that you can buy in lengths(cut to 12"), each one would probably hold 3-5 bottles. Or you could get the Black or White PVC pipe cut to 12" lengths and glue and stack to hold your wine collection. I think the black would work best as no painting would be needed.

Either way it has encouraged me to look around and see what can be used out of the ordinary to create a unique and fun look. I will keep you posted.

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