Thursday, June 18, 2009

Stackable Wine Storage --- The Galloping Gourmet

Since every one is trying to save a buck and entertain at home, I decided to share this great picture from the front of the Galloping Gourmet Cookbook, c1969, by Graham Kerr. It has a great shot of his wine storage, over his refrigerator, and oven. Now I know above the refrigerator and oven is not the best place to store wine, (so no emails on that please)but look at those great clay holders. That could be incorporated in so many areas in the kitchen. There are several suppliers of stackable wine storage on the internet - (now what fun would that be). However, if you want a weekend project, use the black PVC pipe from the major home improvement stores, cut to size, the black would look good in most kitchens. Or you could use the stacking rectangle sewer tiles -- sounds gross, but they look great and are a rectangle shape terra cotta. I know you have seen them on top of chimneys on houses - they are used a a quick extension. They are about 18"-24" long and about an 10"-12"rectangle. Each tile would probably hold 3-5 bottles. So, use your imagination this weekend, and add some inexpensive wine storage.

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