Monday, July 6, 2009

Breakfast Burrito Recipe - Inside Out Burrito

Inside out Breakfast Burrito with Green Chile and Tomatoes on top.

I love burritos -- just not the calories of a flour tortilla. Living in the southwest, breakfast burittos are a way of life. So I have developed this inside out buritto.

1 egg - plus a dash of water, salt and pepper, and mix well.

1 - 10" pan.

anything you want for the insides.....

Put a little butter in the pan. The pour in the egg, and cook untill done, (you are basically making a flour free egg crepe) it will easily fill a 10" pan, cooking is quick as it is thin, you can flip it if desired, I just let it cook. Slide onto a plate and put anything you want to in your buritto, potatoes, bacon, avocado, beans, then roll up add a dash of salsa and enjoy. These are great anytime of the day, and make great beef, bean and potatoe burittos, in New Mexico we cover with Red or Green Chile in Texas maybe a Salsa Verde or Rojo. Enjoy.

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