Thursday, July 16, 2009

Mad Men - Interiors - Fashion - Fun

In keeping with a little bit of retro after the Gimlet post, let's do Mad Men. Mad Men season 3 is set to start again in August. Can't Wait!! Season 1 can currently be seen On Demand AMC on Comcast. I assume, they will follow with season 2 right up until the start of Season 3. If you have never caught Mad Men before, give it a whirl. Great sets, great decorating, great clothing. Lots of fun.

The picture below is a Season 3 spoiler.........
Love this light kind of Tiffany blue/green color, on the sofa. I am currently using it in my bedroom.

Love the green walls with the strong white trim. Everything old is new again. Current for today's trends.

Love all the beige, love the good old fashioned venitian blinds. There is a company that makes mini blinds similar to the old fashioned ones. Fun. Also, navy and brown as seen on his clothing has made a huge interior comeback.

Okay, can't leave the post without mentioning the IBM selectric. What can I say?

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