Monday, August 31, 2009

Big Sunglasses - Kennedy Style - Zoe Style

I love the look of the big retro sunglasses. Lucky for me the designer's are still showing them. Take this look from the new BCBG collection. Not only great sunglasses, but a great jacket under $200.00. Now if you love a great retro sunglass and don't have one, get on over to your local Wally World, or Tah-Jay, and get a classic black pair for cents on the dollar. You will be right in style. Oh, and can I say enough about the classic black turtleneck shown below. You know I love classic style. Now is the time to get your turtlenecks before they are gone, if a turtle neck is not for you go with a classic V-neck, or ballet neck. Either way, you can get yourself a little back to school treat, you know you want one.

BCBG Asymmetrical-Zipper Jacket, at

Rachel Zoe and her trademark Big Sunglasses.

Can I say enough about Jacqueline Kennedy and her big sunglasses.

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