Wednesday, August 19, 2009

DIY Boyfriend Jeans - Make Your Own The jeans below are from Old Navy $19.00, no that is not a typo. Plus sizes online, regular sizes online and in stores.

Watching trashy (reality junk) TV the other day I saw an ad for the Old Navy Weekend Jeans. You know these jeans, they are the ones all the celebs wear called Boyfriend Jeans. Well $19.00 how can you beat that? I did! I went to my closet and got out a pair of old jeans that were a little loose, and stretch out fast, you know you have a pair, and was going to cut them off, but in the end just rolled them up 4 times, and poof, Weekend/Boyfriend Jeans!! Oh, and I saved $19.00. I absolutely love them, so comfy, so cheap, and way better than capris. I can't say enough about them. Only decision I have now is flats or heels? I'm off to dash to the store, so flats. I know you are thinking can you do this? Yes, absolutely. Just go digging in your closet.

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