Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Rachel Zoe Tassel Bracelet

it's no secret that I love Rachel Zoe. So when I saw tons of blogs looking for her tassel bracelet I said to my self, "Where can I find one?". Well there are some recreations out there kiddies for $60.00+ but for a one or two time wear, it is more than I am willing to spend, and in addition for gold filled, well, no way. So I went cheap at Forever 21, see below.

Forever 21 Tasseled Necklace $12.80. Wrap around wrist multiple times, secure with a cheap lobster clasp, $2.00 or less from your favorite craft store in the jewelry findings, and off you go. Or interpret the look and go with a necklace. Want more tassels, buy a couple to add on at your craft store. Total look less than $20.00. My kind of shopping.
Forever 21 Tassel Necklace $4.80. Even cheaper. You decide.

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