Thursday, September 3, 2009

Movie - Coco Before Chanel

There are very few movies that I say I can't wait for. However, this one is one I am going to say that about. Maybe my college age daughter will go with me. Let's face it the Hubs is not going to this one. If I go alone, which I won't mind, it will be a Giant Bucket -- okay just a Medium Bag of popcorn and some iced tea and I am set. Bring on a great movie. Coco Before Chanel. A biography of sorts of her life, it goes from her early days after her father died to early in her fashion career. Did you know that her apartment at 31 Rue Cambon has been frozen in time since 1971 after she died? Wow. Her apartment as you can see by the 2 pictures from the set was an eclectic mix, back when matchy matchy was in style. I just love the large sofa and wall of books. Although most people only know her for her perfume, let's face it her clothing was magnificant, and her interior design was well received too. Classic, can't wait for the movie.

Photos, set photos and IMBD.

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