Thursday, November 19, 2009

Craft - Old Shirts as Christmas Ornaments

I love Eddie Ross's blog. I check it every day. Well after checking it yesterday and seeing the pic of him and Kathie Lee Gifford, I clicked on the HGTV link to get some more pics. Let's face it, I decorate for Christmas the day after Thanksgiving, I can't wait until December 6th. I just can't. So, I was truly rewarded when they showed these pictures of handmade ornaments. You see I was just getting ready to sell some of the Hubs old shirts on Ebay. But no more, I am going to make these clever ornaments. According to HGTV, directions coming soon. Although, they look pretty easy to duplicate. If I have enough fabric left over, I might make a couple of pillows for the couch and chairs that are in the same room as the Tree -- Brilliant!!

When do you decorate for Christmas?

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