Monday, March 15, 2010

The ditches are running -- Yeah almost summer

The ditches are running!! Here in the southwest, the clear ditches take irrigation water to the farmers. One of the reasons we purchased our house was we love this view behind it. We love to go out the gate and walk along the ditch. It is relaxing. We do also irrigate our almost acre with the water from it too.

That has got me thinking again about our summer garden. We are having non-stop ground squirrel problems. They eat and destroy everything. I have a permanent trap set. It is a kind one, and they are relocated, so don't send any squirrel emails.

So, that has got me thinking about our summer garden. I think I want raised beds, now how to afford them. I have some old cinder block in the back. I think I will stack, put some wire in the bottom, to keep the squirrels out and then dirt. Sounds expensive, (the dirt).

Will keep you posted.

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