Saturday, March 20, 2010

Happy First Day of Spring -- Cinder Block Gardening

I enjoy gardening. Growing Beefsteak Tomatoes are my favorite. However, we have a ground squirrel problem here on our acre, yes we live trap them and have them relocated. However, this year I am going to go above ground for our garden. I was a little worried, as it is kind of costly to start out with. Then I had an aha moment, and remembered we had tons of cinder block behind the barn. Aha, it will work perfectly. Now, all I need is wire mesh to keep the squirrels out and some new dirt. Oh, and to build it, (minor detail).

I love this one below, it is clean and fresh looking with the wood border.

I really like the scale of these below and the fence surrounding them.

I found these pictures on the internet. I am sorry I don't remember where.
Happy first day of Spring!!

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