Monday, May 10, 2010

Sarah Richardson - Nursery Show

I love Sarah Richardson Design. Oh, and Design Inc. etc..... All her shows. So I was tickled when I ran across her nursery and master bedroom show the other day under the Design Inc. A great show, that not only shows her husband but other Design Inc. staff. Oh, and who can forget the great design. Even if my daughter is grown up and in college, I still love some of the stuff in the nursery. The couch and chair are wonderful. I also love her use of all tones of cream, white, in her bedroom. I would try it, but not sure if the hubs could keep it clean. Enjoy.

Master Suite.

Nursery with changing table she designed. I love the mix of white furniture and dark furniture.

Who would not covet that couch? Anywhere in a home. Wonderful.

So cute the nursery is. The chair is actually a rocking and swivel chair. You can put any chair base on the bottom of a chair as long as it has a skirt, (it will cost you though). What a great idea in a multi-purpose room, people could swivel to talk to one another.
All photos, Sarah Richardson, Design Inc.

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  1. I love the mohogany change table Sarah designed! I wish it could be purchased from a store.