Monday, June 21, 2010

Vintage Barrel Chairs -- Repurposing Chairs

So, I found these amazing Barrel Chairs on Craig's List. 2 for $70.00. I snatched them up. Took them apart, washed them down with a oil removing soap (previous owners had used furniture polish on them). Then......

This is the taken apart, washed, and put back together stage. Had to make them less wobbly.

Used the Kilz, spray on primer, as they had dogs, and you never know if someone smoked around them. I mean they are old.

Spray painted them a gloss black.

My daughter, who is using them in her apartment picked out the fabric. Then they were recovered. Love staple guns.

They are soooo beautiful. All for $120.00. That's right 2 chairs for $60.00 each. They are amazing, and look oh so cute in her apartment, with her butter colored leather couch. They have even survived their first party. Oh, and if she ever gets tired of them, they can come home and be recovered in a different fabric.

How can you go wrong with classic barrel chairs? You can't, even if they are missing a little of the cane here and there. They look great and wear well.

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