Friday, July 9, 2010

Swimming Pool Fountains -- My New One!!

I love swimming pools. Ours is an above ground -- in ground pool. So, when my pee-boy fountain was just sitting around, I found him a place to pee. Hahaha!! He pees in the pool. Now, I know some people won't find this funny, but I do.


  1. I agree with you! That pee-boy fountain is so adorable! Also, I like the location of your mini-pool right at the center of a beautiful garden that’s full of greens, and pleasing to the eyes. This is a perfect place for relaxation, which you and your family would surely enjoy.

    -Cathy Newman

  2. The pee-boy fountain is so cute! You have a perfect setting there, but isn’t that area a bit too hot? You don’t have a shed beside the pool. Why don’t you put an umbrella with a pool chair there? I think it’s good idea, so can still relax there even if the sun is burning hot!

  3. That's a classy accent to add to your swimming pool! But I have to agree with Dylan. Your pool area will look more relaxing and comfortable if you can just add a few amenities here and there. How about a tent and a couple of chairs and tables scattered around, so guys could enjoy a hot summer afternoon with some friends?

    Luke Stephens