Monday, September 20, 2010

Re-doing a Home Office -- Concrete Desk

We started with rearranging the furniture, but left the desk as this room is a strange small size. It is 6' wide by 8' long. So not alot of options. Also, I should open the window, but the desk looks out onto 3/4 of an acre and has a beautiful view.

This is the room without the flash. The curtains aren't as bright as they seem in the above picture, they really are a nice neutral gray.

There is a bathroom off the office that you can see on the left. We moved the antique armoire, and the shelves.

I have not shown the behind view, where the armoire came from, as we stacked all the accessories there. Now for that brown chair. Hmm, do I recover it? Buy a black one? I would prefer he have a more regular type chair, however, he likes the rolling kind, and he is the one that sits at the desk for hours at a time. So, any suggestions? Help.

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Redoing the Home Office -- Concrete Desk

I can't believe this is the before. Wow, super ugly. The hubs office. He home offices. In this. Yuk. So now, we are redoing it. I say we, I mean me. He thinks it is fine. Got these gray curtains awhile back, to go with the gray concrete desk he uses. Looks like we need to find a new chair, and a little less clutter. Will post the afters next week. Hopefully.

Any suggestions, greatly appreciated.

It is a weird L shaped office.

His gray concrete desk. He made it himself, and loves it. Yes, we have concrete counters in our kitchen, in our home.

Ok, this chair, is looking really gross. Looks like I need to find a new one.

This bottom picture is what you walk into and see. Yuk, and more Yuk.

Monday, September 13, 2010

Boyfriend Jean - 1950's Jean Fold

Thinking of updating your wardrobe? Try a Boyfriend Jean. You have seen Rachel Zoe, and her clients wear them. Now you can too. Take one pair of loose fitting jeans, then learn to do the 1950's fold below.

The pair of jeans below is a boot cut jean, that I normally wear with heels. It is a light weight jean that is loose fitting.

Pinch the middle of the jean in the front and fold over. The bigger the pinch, the slimmer the bottom will be.

Now, fold up. I normally fold mine up 3 times. Puts them a couple of inches above my ankle, and I wear with heels. Or sometimes with flats, like Audrey Hepburn.

I let my pinch fan a little. You can leave the pinch folded as it fold ups, totally up to you.

Back of folded jeans.

Now you have learned the 1950's fold. Think Happy Days, and The Fonz. The best part is you didn't have to purchase anything.

Thursday, September 9, 2010

Dollar Store Bowls

Love these Dollar Store Bowls. I purchased 6 -- yep, should have done 8, at the Dollar Store to spruce up my dinner serving. I have all white plates, bowls, etc., so mixing and matching is fun. These are just for fun and fun food. I am planning on using them during football season with some yummy chili with cheese inside. Right now the plum tomatoes are totally appetizing.

What cheap finds do you like to use?

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Dining Room Light Fixture

My dining room light fixture is one of my favorites in my home. It was an outdoor light fixture that I purchased and used indoors. It makes the prettiest light pattern when on. Yes, it is hung very low, which was a personal preference. What kind of light fixture is in your dining room?