Monday, September 13, 2010

Boyfriend Jean - 1950's Jean Fold

Thinking of updating your wardrobe? Try a Boyfriend Jean. You have seen Rachel Zoe, and her clients wear them. Now you can too. Take one pair of loose fitting jeans, then learn to do the 1950's fold below.

The pair of jeans below is a boot cut jean, that I normally wear with heels. It is a light weight jean that is loose fitting.

Pinch the middle of the jean in the front and fold over. The bigger the pinch, the slimmer the bottom will be.

Now, fold up. I normally fold mine up 3 times. Puts them a couple of inches above my ankle, and I wear with heels. Or sometimes with flats, like Audrey Hepburn.

I let my pinch fan a little. You can leave the pinch folded as it fold ups, totally up to you.

Back of folded jeans.

Now you have learned the 1950's fold. Think Happy Days, and The Fonz. The best part is you didn't have to purchase anything.

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