Monday, September 20, 2010

Re-doing a Home Office -- Concrete Desk

We started with rearranging the furniture, but left the desk as this room is a strange small size. It is 6' wide by 8' long. So not alot of options. Also, I should open the window, but the desk looks out onto 3/4 of an acre and has a beautiful view.

This is the room without the flash. The curtains aren't as bright as they seem in the above picture, they really are a nice neutral gray.

There is a bathroom off the office that you can see on the left. We moved the antique armoire, and the shelves.

I have not shown the behind view, where the armoire came from, as we stacked all the accessories there. Now for that brown chair. Hmm, do I recover it? Buy a black one? I would prefer he have a more regular type chair, however, he likes the rolling kind, and he is the one that sits at the desk for hours at a time. So, any suggestions? Help.

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  1. You did a good job on this! Perhaps a curtain change would help?