Friday, November 26, 2010

Department 56 Christmas Houses

I have tons of Department 56 Christmas Houses. I decided this year to only put out the truly favorites, in small vignettes. This left at least 20 in the garage. Oops. I need to stop collecting.

This group is on my main desk in the family room. The cute green row house I carried all over San Francisco pregnant. If you are reading this Lauren, yep, pregnant with you.

I like to light them with colored lights. I prefer the glow. This one was given to me by my stepmother when I was still in college. I still remember how they had it hidden lit under the tree with a pillow, and my Yorkie Sandor, pulled off the pillow. It's a favorite.

No coincidence that these are on my wine/liquor cabinet. A brew house and wine cellar.

On my front room desk.

In my daughter's old room. The Emporium changes colors. These are for her to start her collection.

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