Friday, December 17, 2010

DIY Recovering Side Chair Damask Fabric

This is one of the office type spaces in my house. It is a left over room, after my daughter went to college. The desk is simply MDF covered in pleather, stacked on a file cabinet, with painted black legs that I got at Home Depot. The pattern from the pillows and idea board, were my daughters. She left them, and I decided to use them. The great photo is hers too.

Anyway, I had this ugly old desk chair, that we were using. It is in that weird paint that you can't sand off and paint over, or it will chip. So I decided to leave it. But hated it. So a quick trip to the fabric store, and a staple gun, and it is useable for now.

Before. Ugly.
After, much better. I simply found some similar fabric on sale for $2.50 per yard, bought one yard, and a remnant of that grean foam, and staple gunned my way to a new chair.

Projects, fun easy, and it makes me smile when I go in this room to work out. Or sit at the desk.

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