Thursday, December 2, 2010

Getting my fashion back!! Loving Chico's!!

Okay, so being a Mom isn't always that fashionable. I am sure I have embarassed my now College Student, more than once with my clothes choices over the years. Well, getting my mojo back so to speak.

Found this wonderful gray and silver glitter sweater at the Chico's outlet for under $20. Love it and love the bit of sparkle, perfect for working around the house, running errands, or a quick Holiday dinner.

Loving the belt I found at Goodwill for $4.99. Always looking for something great to sell online, at Goodwill, but this one, I kept.
Closer look, don't you love the hint of sparkle in this sweater. Oh, and it is super long too.

Ignore the chairs I am recovering in the background. They are still holding fabric swatches.
Fun outfit for running errands, searching for treasures to sell or whatever.

Jeans, Forever 21, $25.50, flats, Target, 12.50.
So, what are you bargin hunting? Are you getting back into fashion, or is it a passion? It was with me for years, and now it is again. Loving it.

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