Sunday, February 27, 2011

Wine Room -- Need To Finish

Ok, so it is cold, blustery and super windy here in beautiful Albuquerque. However, I just can't get motivated to finish the Wine Room. We make wine, as well as purchase and drink all kinds, so we had some space and decided to make a wine room. Ok, like 9 months ago, it is sitting, half finished. Oops.

Oh, well maybe these pics will inspire me to finishe taping and texturing the walls.

Or maybe I will watch Real Housewives of Miami. Hmmm.

Thursday, February 17, 2011

Tutu Desk -- Made - Tulle Desk

This is the table that started it all. Love it. What more can I say? So when I gave my daughter her desk back, I needed space to fill the room, and immediately thought of this desk. Again, love it.

But, alas, my room is too small, and I wanted to use what I had, so below, you will find my version, in white and much smaller.

But, I love it. Now, if my daughter would just let me make her one in black.

Desk below is Black and Spiro.

This old wicker 2 door chest sits 30" high. We have had it forever, came from Pier One, and was originally brown. I had a thick piece of glass cut for it years ago, and I mean years 15+ and it has held everything from TV's - as you can see by the cut in what is the back for cords, to, well everything. I spray painted it white about 5 or more years ago, and my daughter has always hated it. So, now it has a new life, and I love it.
Wow, it really is ugly.

But now, it is beautiful. Everytime I walk by the door, I smile.

I love it, yes, over used, but love. The red bag on the floor, doesn't hold computers, it holds cords, it is my version of a clutter keeper.

I left the top with the wicker and glass. The tulle, is on a white piece of broad cloth, hot glued in about 6" panels and then the whole thing is just stapled to top of desk in a crease, and staples don't show.

I left the back open, as I need to access the shelves and doors. I believe the Black and Spiro desk is open in the back.

An old chair, I stapled foam and fabric to so it would be comfy.

The other side of the room is for exercise.

More shots of other side of room.

So, no pic tutorials on this one. Just get your broadcloth, cheap solid color fabric and cut, hem to size of desk. I used double the amount of tulle as I did the broadcloth. So 36" of broadcloth, got 72" of tulle. I left the tulle folded and cut it in to 3's or 6" strips, then just hot glued it onto the broadcloth, kind of bunching as I went. I glued it about every 3 or 4 inches with an inch of glue.
Now, if you can sew, it would be even better. But I can't. This took me a whole afternoon. But the results were worth it.