Thursday, March 17, 2011

Free books for Kindle - Bookshelves -- Shout out to Hillary Duff

I love bookshelves!! I have a wall behind my TV. Post that pic another day. This great pic is from Dianne Von Furstenberg, her bookshelves, and amazing ladder. Love it.

So this brought me to free books for my Kindle. Don't you just love it when you log into Amazon and find a free book you just want to read. For me it was the "When Darkness Falls" book by James Grippando parts 1,2, and 3. I can't wait to dig in. I love mysteries, not so much a romance fan, do also love a good "Chick" book.

Meantime, I am reading, "Windswept House" by Malachi Martin, from the local library, yes, they do still exist, and just finished "The Carrie Diaries", loved the ending best!!

What are you reading?

Quick shout out: I just finished the Hillary Duff book "Elixir", ok, yep I loved it read on my Kindle, bought a hardback for my daughter, yes, 2 of the same book. Hey she grew up during the "Lizzie" days. Hope she reads it soon, can't wait to talk about it. Oh, and Hillary, put out another, totally enjoyed it!!

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