Saturday, April 30, 2011

What are you reading?

Don't you just love this library? It rocks!!

Above photo,

I am reading, A Place of Yes, by Bethenny Frankel, on my Kindle, and Love it.

What are you reading? Have a great weekend.

Friday, April 29, 2011

Yes, I got up to watch!

Dress and bride absolutely beautiful. Love that her hair is down. Love the train. Ok, just love it all. It has been said that she did her own hair and makeup, she wanted to look like herself. Really love that.

What I really love is they did what was right for them. They have been together over 8 years, and she is a modern bride.

Sister Pippa, absolutely beautiful. Would love that dress short too. Just beautiful.

Yes, I got up to watch. Ok, so I laid in bed and watched, but so worth it.

Why the clothes below you ask?

I eloped. I wore, a blue oxford with a peter pan collar, and......

.......a khaki skirt. Yep, it was the 80's.

Here's what really bugs me, I don't remember what shoes I wore. Wedges were totally popular and I had some Sibica wedges hmmm.

So follow your bliss, do what is right for you.

Thursday, April 28, 2011

Gossip Girl Headboards

It's no secret I love Gossip Girl. Can't help myself. I love the decorating too. This great silver leaf wall behind Blair's bed would be fun to duplicate. Except I am out of walls, maybe I can do my daughter's place.....hmmmm......

I would put it on artists canvas, you know how I love that stuff, and do 3 big ones behind the bed with a bit of space between each. Or 3 flat doors behind the bed with say an inch between them. I should probably price the silver leaf first though.
Serena's room in Blair's house. At first I loved this headboard type treatment. The flying butterflies, kind of gave me a Hitchcock kind of "Birds" feeling. So now, I'm not so sure. But if you are....sure that is, Target or Tah-Jay has plastic butterflies that you can just hang right on the wall. They have birds too.

Enjoy XOXO.

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Goodwill Table

Not the best pic. Found this super heavy iron table at Goodwill. While the Hubs and I were contemplating it, a man and woman came by and said, "Hey, you don't want that, it is missing something....." then proceeded to sit there, right next to me, waiting and asking if I was going to take the table.... I mean really? However, we did get the table. We are putting it out by the garden area. I say "we" because the Hubs spotted it. Now, to do a top. Oh, and best part, it was under $15.

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Fondue Nachos or Nachos Fondue?

Nachos are a personal favorite of mine. However, I don't always like the calories, so I decided to improvise. I swung thru Whole Foods, and grabbed some mushrooms, celery, small tomatoes, an avacado, and a bag of chips. Chopped up some cilantro, and quickly cooked some chicken and a piece of steak (not pictured), then chopped the chicken and steak into bite size pieces.

I used the good old fashioned Tostito's Cheese Sauce (in a jar, was in a hurry).

Heated the sauce and popped it in my Fondue Pot, and ta da!! Loved it, and I didn't miss the beans at all. Although, you could add a few beans to the cheese and get that taste profile in there.

To top it off I had a Skinnygirl Margarita, with a wedge of orange (pictured in top pic).


I am not a cook, but this was a fun dinner.

Monday, April 25, 2011

Gardening in Pots

Our house sits on 3/4 of an acre. And in the far left, away from the pasture is where I put my garden. In the past the heat from the fence has helped, as much for heat as protection from the wind.

This year I am gardening totally in pots, as I don't feel like fighting the ground squirrels, they eat the roots of the plants.

Currently I am watering the runs, collapsing them, and filling them with dirt. Quite a large process, but really trying to get rid of them totally.

Anyway, gardening......

This is a side yard view. Not too pretty.

Getting started.

And a big Ta Da!! Planted in pots, and for fun I wrote the name in chalk on the wall. I have markers in the plants incase we are lucky enough to get any rain and the chalk should wash off.

The other reason I like the wall is here in the Southwest, it is extremely dry, and I can hose the wall as I water, and give the plants a bit of humidity.

I did mixed pots and styles, remember I am going for the "Parenthood" side yard look. I have 2 tables and chairs to put in. I am doing grass (bermuda) as it is already well established. Otherwise I would do rocks.

Back mixed corner, with herbs. We have had that wheelbarrow since we moved in years ago. We moved it to the corner and filled it with herbs. One year it was filled with mint.

Now hopefully the grass will eventually grow in this area.

Are you gardening this year?

Maybe as everyone's garden grows we should have a linky party and show them off.

Happy Monday.

Sunday, April 24, 2011

Wilmot's Hardware

Happy Easter!!

Just for fun!! My family name on my mom's side was Wilmot. Yep, that Wilmot, the Hardware Store Man.

Anyway on a recent trip to Roswell, one of my Hub's business associates bought me this great postcard from 1950's Roswell, and right there on it is the sign for Wilmot's. I couldn't resist and promptly framed it for behind my desk in my office area. I like the small postcard with the large mat and frame around it. I did totally cheat, as I had the mat and frame already. It totally makes me smile.

So I decided to post it as my Easter Smile. :).

Have a Happy Hoppy Easter. Gardening Posts on Monday.

Friday, April 22, 2011

Ahhhh Spring - Repainting Doors Still

Spring is in the air. I still need to repaint my doors. Maybe this weekend, if the wind doesn't blow too much, (excuses, excuses).

My patio last summer. Needs new curtains, these are kind of old and shredding.

Old window, I am planning on repainting the metal to match the house.

Door needs a repaint. Again, I am going with a paint to match the house, to kind of minimize the doors.

Other door on patio. Yes, they looked this bad last year.

On today's list, finish planting the garden, Ebay, totally behind and have great stuff!! Oh, and paint the window and doors. Hmmmmm, wash?

Thursday, April 21, 2011

Shopping in my Closet!!

So when looking to do a little updating, I ran across this cute skirt from Forever 21, less than $12. I have a long gray skirt in my closet, and a shortish black jacket, I think I will sub the booties for some gladiator sandals. Even just the long skirt and a white top, with sandals, would feel fresh. BCBG, is showing maxi skirts, in black, and tan, and they are $88.

Denim is big this year. This shirt is from Chico's, would look cute with leggings, or a little leather skirt peeking out the bottom. Oh, and I bet you have something similar in your closet.

Everyone needs a Shirtdress. They are great to just throw on and go, or if you are lounging around the house, just put some Target Capri leggings on underneat, $8, and lounge in style. I bet you have a Shirtdress in your closet.

Tunic length white shirt, or any great white shirt. I own way too many. Great with leggings, jeans, tied up at waist, mini skirt underneath, you name it.

So, shop your closet, then shop the mall, or boutique stores for a couple of accessories to jazz up outfits you already own.

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Great Craig's List Find Retro Style Table

This great table was found on Craig's List for $100. It is in my daughter's place. Love it. Great finds on Craig's List. Now if I could just get an amazing pic of my daughter's office. She did a 1/2 and 1/2 office, her 1/2 black tutu desk, his 1/2 a guys masculine metal desk. It is awesome.

Here it is in Red on Apartment Therapy. Love it.

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Easy DIY Padded Headboard (Gossip Girl Style)

This is the bedroom that started it all. I love the headboard. However, I don't sew. So, I decided to make one, (thank goodness for staple guns). Oh, and all for less than $150.00.

The eye photo I love. (Another post entirely).

Close up of headboard.
Love Gossip Girl!! I also love her new room, at Blair's house.

So, I went to Michaels, and bought the cheap 16 x 20 artist canvas in the 5 pack, on sale. Then Target for the twin size cheap foam for a bed, then to the fabric store for batting by the yard and fabric.

First I laid everything out to see how it would fit, and where to lay everything.

Foam, batting, stapled around canvas, cut around corners to make less bulky. Really this was a fly by the seat of my pants project.

Trimming bulk around corners.

Laid out on wrong side of my fabric. I chose a small polka dot fabric in blue with brown velvet dots, small dots, so I wouldn't have to match them. That would be toooo hard.

Stapled around.

Laid on the floor in place, you can see I used 2 packs of 5. It is to give the illusion that it is all the way behind the bed, when in actuallity it isn't.

Love it. Oh, and I have a California King Size bed.

Now the hard part. The Hubs helped me screw in 2x4's to hold everything in place and make it rigid.

Placed behind my bed. Love it!!

I have since added a dust ruffle, and changed the chairs. Will get those postings up soon. I love this look. It is elegant, and easily changeable. Although, I can't imagine wanting to change it.

Monday, April 18, 2011

Daybed Needed

My other "guest" room needs a daybed, lounge or sitting area. Great inspiration below.
Photo above, Kathryn Chapalow Design.
This one above is a personal favorite. Love it. What's in your guest room?

Sunday, April 17, 2011

Skinnygirl Margarita

Skinnygirl Margaritas on my patio, did add a touch of Cointreau. Love them. Fireball from Home Depot, $25. Have a great weekend. Want to see if they are in your area? Check below.

Find out if Skinnygirls are available in your area check the website, Bethenney Frankel.

Here in the Southwest they are $11.99 a bottle, great price.

Love my Fireball, Love my Skinnygirl Margaritas. :)