Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Easy DIY Padded Headboard (Gossip Girl Style)

This is the bedroom that started it all. I love the headboard. However, I don't sew. So, I decided to make one, (thank goodness for staple guns). Oh, and all for less than $150.00.

The eye photo I love. (Another post entirely).

Close up of headboard.
Love Gossip Girl!! I also love her new room, at Blair's house.

So, I went to Michaels, and bought the cheap 16 x 20 artist canvas in the 5 pack, on sale. Then Target for the twin size cheap foam for a bed, then to the fabric store for batting by the yard and fabric.

First I laid everything out to see how it would fit, and where to lay everything.

Foam, batting, stapled around canvas, cut around corners to make less bulky. Really this was a fly by the seat of my pants project.

Trimming bulk around corners.

Laid out on wrong side of my fabric. I chose a small polka dot fabric in blue with brown velvet dots, small dots, so I wouldn't have to match them. That would be toooo hard.

Stapled around.

Laid on the floor in place, you can see I used 2 packs of 5. It is to give the illusion that it is all the way behind the bed, when in actuallity it isn't.

Love it. Oh, and I have a California King Size bed.

Now the hard part. The Hubs helped me screw in 2x4's to hold everything in place and make it rigid.

Placed behind my bed. Love it!!

I have since added a dust ruffle, and changed the chairs. Will get those postings up soon. I love this look. It is elegant, and easily changeable. Although, I can't imagine wanting to change it.


  1. Very creative. Love it!

  2. I am doing this now! the only thing I am doing different is I am covering it with a fake leather type of material I got from Joann's. Thanks for inspiring me!!