Monday, April 25, 2011

Gardening in Pots

Our house sits on 3/4 of an acre. And in the far left, away from the pasture is where I put my garden. In the past the heat from the fence has helped, as much for heat as protection from the wind.

This year I am gardening totally in pots, as I don't feel like fighting the ground squirrels, they eat the roots of the plants.

Currently I am watering the runs, collapsing them, and filling them with dirt. Quite a large process, but really trying to get rid of them totally.

Anyway, gardening......

This is a side yard view. Not too pretty.

Getting started.

And a big Ta Da!! Planted in pots, and for fun I wrote the name in chalk on the wall. I have markers in the plants incase we are lucky enough to get any rain and the chalk should wash off.

The other reason I like the wall is here in the Southwest, it is extremely dry, and I can hose the wall as I water, and give the plants a bit of humidity.

I did mixed pots and styles, remember I am going for the "Parenthood" side yard look. I have 2 tables and chairs to put in. I am doing grass (bermuda) as it is already well established. Otherwise I would do rocks.

Back mixed corner, with herbs. We have had that wheelbarrow since we moved in years ago. We moved it to the corner and filled it with herbs. One year it was filled with mint.

Now hopefully the grass will eventually grow in this area.

Are you gardening this year?

Maybe as everyone's garden grows we should have a linky party and show them off.

Happy Monday.


  1. Wow, you have an amazing container garden going!! Uh oh...I didn't know that ground squirrels eat the roots! I've noticed giant holes in my garden where something has been digging in the dirt. Could it be the squirrels? I had no idea about this...

    Uh oh. I really hope they don't kill my plants. Any advice on what to do?

    I might be moving to containers....

  2. Fought them for 2 years. Would water plants and then they would droop, then the next day when you touched them, they would totally fall over, you pick them up, no roots.

    They don't like tomatoes and peppers.

    They leave like these mounds of dirt and tunnels. At first I thought it was a mole. But I called my county extension agent (free great resource no matter where you live) and they said based on my location --- ground squirrels. So, I caught them with live traps, the city loans or you can buy at Harbour Freight, we borrowed 1 and bought 1. Then the city picks them up and gives the trap back. Caught them with everything from Reese's peanut butter cups, to plain uncooked oatmeal.

    My neighbors had luck with a real fine tight weave like chicken type wire, but real small, so the roots had a chance to establish.

    The veggies in peat pots, they didn't bother, guess they got established. They ate the ones that came like in the 6 packs.

    Once the roots were established I did ok. It was only in that short phase right after planting that they were vulnerable.

    I just got tired of fighting with them.

    Keep an eye on them, and if you loose one or two then you may need to put something around the roots.

    Hope that helps.