Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Goodwill Table

Not the best pic. Found this super heavy iron table at Goodwill. While the Hubs and I were contemplating it, a man and woman came by and said, "Hey, you don't want that, it is missing something....." then proceeded to sit there, right next to me, waiting and asking if I was going to take the table.... I mean really? However, we did get the table. We are putting it out by the garden area. I say "we" because the Hubs spotted it. Now, to do a top. Oh, and best part, it was under $15.


  1. you would have totally regretted leaving it. and great price, too. did you get the folding ghost chairs? if so, we need pics!


  2. That table was a really great find. I couldn't quite picture it when you described it, but now I totally get it! :) It's great!