Thursday, April 28, 2011

Gossip Girl Headboards

It's no secret I love Gossip Girl. Can't help myself. I love the decorating too. This great silver leaf wall behind Blair's bed would be fun to duplicate. Except I am out of walls, maybe I can do my daughter's place.....hmmmm......

I would put it on artists canvas, you know how I love that stuff, and do 3 big ones behind the bed with a bit of space between each. Or 3 flat doors behind the bed with say an inch between them. I should probably price the silver leaf first though.
Serena's room in Blair's house. At first I loved this headboard type treatment. The flying butterflies, kind of gave me a Hitchcock kind of "Birds" feeling. So now, I'm not so sure. But if you are....sure that is, Target or Tah-Jay has plastic butterflies that you can just hang right on the wall. They have birds too.

Enjoy XOXO.

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  1. I have never watched the show, but now you are making me want to!! = )