Monday, May 2, 2011

Love White Shirts

I love white shirts. T-shirts, tunics, button downs, you name it I love white shirts. If you know me you know how much I love them. Do I need to give you another pic of Carolina Herrera? Well here is a great pic of a white shirt.
Cameron Diaz. Love it. Love the brown belt, gold jewelry. Just love.

Rachel Bilson. Love.

So, dig in your closet, or your guy's closet, and wear a white shirt this week. You will love it.

Weather permitting, it has done nothing but blow here, like 50+ mph, I am still trying to paint doors and window trim.


  1. I love white shirts too.

    And my kiddos love to get dirt and food on my white shirts..haha!

  2. Rachel Bilson is just adorable!

    You've inspired me to wear one of my white shirts. Now, I wish I had bought a crisp one and not a linen one.