Friday, April 29, 2011

Yes, I got up to watch!

Dress and bride absolutely beautiful. Love that her hair is down. Love the train. Ok, just love it all. It has been said that she did her own hair and makeup, she wanted to look like herself. Really love that.

What I really love is they did what was right for them. They have been together over 8 years, and she is a modern bride.

Sister Pippa, absolutely beautiful. Would love that dress short too. Just beautiful.

Yes, I got up to watch. Ok, so I laid in bed and watched, but so worth it.

Why the clothes below you ask?

I eloped. I wore, a blue oxford with a peter pan collar, and......

.......a khaki skirt. Yep, it was the 80's.

Here's what really bugs me, I don't remember what shoes I wore. Wedges were totally popular and I had some Sibica wedges hmmm.

So follow your bliss, do what is right for you.

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