Friday, May 27, 2011

Boudoir Chairs -- Recovered!!

Finally I have finished the boudoir chairs. Remind me never to attempt a project this big again. We have had these chairs since the 1980's they were my husband's grandmothers. Somehow we inherited them, and they have been simply stapled with fabrics or sheets and moved about to various rooms over the years. There are 2 of them. I have no idea how old they really are.

Here is one in all it's glory. Really needs a recover. Yes, layers of fabric stapled on them.
The brown and blue fabric I am using as an outdoor tablecloth. Hey, didn't want to waste it. The denim was trashed, and got thrown in the trash.

Beautiful round backs. You might recognize the checked fabric in black and tan, it is on my husband's office chair. I said the fabric was around the house when I posted.

Pleated sides of the chair.

Pleating the chair. There are 3 fabrics on each chair. All bought on sale, I believe total I have about $15.00 per chair in fabric.

The pleating took the longest.

Fully covered. Everything else was a tuck and staple, and then the nailhead trim. About $8 between the 2 chairs. But you know what, I like them, and will keep them in these shades for quite sometime.

You don't really see the back, although this is not a good pic, the fabric really looks wrinkly and isn't. Oh, and I simply painted the old ugly legs simple out of the garage black.

Finished chair in the corner of my room. I love it. Other one, is on the otherside. May have to put them together side by side, hmmmm.....

This project embarassingly was started before Thanksgiving, and one was finished in a semi timely manner, and the other, well, I just finished it. Oops.

Enjoy the long weekend.

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