Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Summer Fireplace & Art

What to do with an unused fireplace, when a chair really has to sit in front of it?
We have had everything from candles, to packed with logs, to a branch with Christmas twinkle lights (that you plug ing) (my personal favorite), all inside the fireplace at various times. We really don't use it that much.

Therefore, when needing to clean out the garage to make room for more judging, I ran across this old large Amado Pena. Not really our style, but the colors were right, and the size was right on.

So propped up it went.

Now, if I like the look, I might just go for an abstract striped canvas, kind of a DIY. Just testing the look for right now.

More views. There are these strange metal ledges on the fireplace that can't be removed.

The pic below (don't know where it is from), shows a chair in front of their fireplace too!!

Contemplating really stacking up some art on the fireplace. Hmmm.....


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