Thursday, May 5, 2011

Working on Wine Room

These pics were taken quite some time ago. Yes, we are still working on it. Oh, well.
This is looking from the back of the garage into what will become the wine room. On the right, we totally put up drywall and covered up an old window that was useless, and had been drywalled over in the interior room years ago.

This is moved a little to the left and you can see where we put the room. To the top right where you see the drywall, is also part of the room, as it was an existing room in the garage.

That's the Hubs getting his drywall on.

This is the existing room.

This is looking out the office door thru the new wine room into the garage. The existing room is right to the right. So it kind of makes and "L".

Below is coming into the wine room from the garage, it shows the door to the office and the existing room of the "L" on the left.

Hope these aren't too confusing.

So anyway, we have heavy knock off texture on this old 1947 house, (came with the house, haha). We are going to rent the equipment and texture the walls. I have been taping them off every chance I get, and we are down to just one corner. Then the fun can begin.

Wish us luck. With any luck I can get some good pics.

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