Saturday, June 18, 2011

Innie or Outie -- Cleaning -- Butlers

The post at Apartment Therapy got me thinking. Are you an innie or an outie (not talking about your belly button) -- your style. In certain rooms, I am an innie and in certain an outie. I have been trying to streamline though. So, back to the post, at AT, it is about becoming your own butler, from a "How to Train a Butler", article found Here at Elle Decor .

Since I will never be rich enough to have a butler, I will be streamlining some rooms (making them innies), then taking to deep cleaning a room a day, or a room every other day. Maybe, that way I can truly get some rooms clean. Starting with the TV or Family room, vaccuming the baseboards, wiping down surfaces, and doing a good dusting, then at least the bathroom...... Like a good butler I do use vinegar and water, my daughter does use the Magic Erasers.

Photo below of my family room looking into the dining room and kitchen. That is a huge open wall that actually keeps going to the right and has a huge window to the kitchen, so the pleather drapes, keep the sound in the room, when watching TV, and serve as a sort of buffer. The wall is 20' long and has 7 panels on it.

Then after all that hard work.....making pizza.

Then sitting on my patio and looking at the view.

Yes, he pees in the pool. Ha ha.

Enjoy your weekend.

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