Thursday, June 2, 2011

Tazo Passion Tea

Tazo Passion Tea for Summer!!

I love the Tazo Passion Tea that is served cold at Starbucks. One day I asked how they make it, and was given their instructions.

They make the Passion tea really strong (almost like a syrup). Then as ordered add ice, water, and shake.

Let the experiments begin.

You can use a coffee pot -- 3 tea bags to 5 Cups water brew and add ice and water to make 2 quarts. Sweeten to taste. Pretty good.

Even Better!!!! -- And easier!!

Boil 1 1/2- 2 Cups water (depends on size of pan) -- when boiling turn off water and put in 3 tea bags and seep (let tea bags sit in water) until good and red -- 15 minutes. Then pour this concotion over ice and add water to make 2 quarts ---- sweeten to taste. Yum.

I think the boiling water just makes a better tea, and is hotter, so it makes a thicker syrup for the tea.

I put some in a small 1qt plastic jug so I can shake and get a lot of the foam. Starbucks shakes theirs in a metal cocktail shaker, the plastic jug is just easier.

I love the shaken air foam of this tea. Yum.

Make some for yourself. -- Oh, for sweetener I use a natural Agave. I don't know what they use at Starbucks, but I do know the Tazo Passion in the individual bottles uses Erythritol.

Shaken -- Yum.

Serve and enjoy.

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