Monday, July 18, 2011

Do you Zhuzh - Zhush ?

Do you Zhuzh, or Zhush? Zhuzh - to fluff, fix, change, alter, spruce. Do you? Well in a perfect world, we all have tons of money and just buy anything we want. However, nothing is perfect, so zhuzhing must be done. I like to fix, change, zhuzh, when I need a change, or the room needs a change.

The room below, so needs a zhuzh.

Before, guest room, collect all room, exercise room, and watch trash tv (when no one else wants to room). Crowded, really crowded.
Pic below is from the doorway.

Too much stuff crammed in, but truthfully nowhere for it to go.

Crowded and you can't open the closet door.

Room, rearranged, with a touch of zhuzh. Needs some more, but getting started.

Pic is from the doorway. The mirror is coming down, and yes, that is leftover light lavender paint in the corner from many years ago when my daughter's room was that color, the dresser hid it and it never got painted. I guess I should break out the paint. I really loved that color.

Pic below is from the bed, now you can open the closet, and the exercise equipment is useable. Trashy TV is still available from the day bed. Refrigerator from other bedroom was added, it may have to move, but right now no place for it. Hmmmm.

It feels much more relaxing.

Zhuzh - Zhush something for yourself today.

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