Monday, July 11, 2011

Drying Lavender

Our neighbors down the block went to a Lavender picking party the other day and brought us 2 huge bunchs of lavender. They told us to dry it upside down, so I decided to Google it to see where would be best. A cool dry place, (like a garage) was recommended, and out of direct sunlight. Well here in the southwest I am afraid my garage is not cool, it may be dry though. So I decided to try inside, and I will keep an eye on them and move them should they need it. I will check my garage today just in case they need a change for their drying.

The flowers are beautiful.

The lavender is so fragrant, I have one bunch hanging from a clothing rack in my office.

One bunch hanging from the doorway to my guest room, that side of the house smells amazing.

Now, for vases..... anything goes. I use all the ones below for flowers, everything from an old silver pitcher, to beer and wine glasses. It is said that flowers lessen anxiety. If you need a pick me up, a single rose or carnation cut with about a 2" stem floating in a wine glass or champagne flute will make you smile, and the cost minimal.

I am looking forward to putting some dried lavender in my silver pitcher.

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