Saturday, July 23, 2011

Happy Weekend

I am feeling very Mad Men, this weekend. Just found Mad Men for instant download on Netflix, or as I say on Roku. Anyway, fun series, especially the first 2 seasons.

Also feeling very late 70's early 80's seeing tons of Gray Kitchens. Mine is a green gray, and looking a little sad. Seeing so many gray kitchens makes me want to do a repaint. But, I told myself I would not repaint the kitchen, until I had finished all my other paint projects. So, I may finally be painting bookshelves this weekend. I see a long boring project in my future. Now, if I could just visualize it finished. (Removing the books, cleaning the shelves, painting the shelves, waiting for them to dry, loosing interest, oops, giving them a second coat, more waiting to dry, puting it all back). Hmmm.

Enjoy the amazing pics of Grace Kelly. What era are you feeling right now?

Ahhhh, Happy Weekend.

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