Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Jonathan Adler -- Ping Pong Tables

If you haven't caught HGTV's My Favorite Place, it is a fun show. I caught the episode that showed Jonathon Adler and his Partner Simon Doonan's residence. What caught me most was all the color. I really loved that they said, no one uses a formal living room anymore so we made ours a game room, complete with ping pong table.

They simply made it out of 2 table bases and plywood, then covered with bright and fun wallpaper. Love it.

Jonathan Adler leaning against his ping pong table in the game room.

Simon Doonan, and their dog Liberace. Doonan on the ping pong table, and another view of the game room.

The ping pont table they made.

Not their ping pong table, but couldn't resist. A mirrored ping pong table.


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