Friday, July 29, 2011

Zhuzh -- Zhush -- Guest Room -- Office

About a week ago, I did a quick zhuzh on my guest room. (You can see it several posts down). I have Jack and Jill rooms at the front of the house that my daughter used to live in, and they just never are quite right. Since it is an old house, most rooms can't be rearraged, they are small and once the furniture is there not much changing can be done (okay accessories etc for sure can be changed). However, I am a perpetual rearranger ( I think it is in illness) truthfully, having a bad day, I rearrange. Bored, rearrange.

So, I decided to re-zhuzh, the guest room and my office. Before pics several posts below. Now to do something with the old dark wood of the furniture. But you know a project, once you start you sometimes wish you hadn't (kind of worried about that with the dresser).
Taken from the doorway. Twin bed, and TV, dresser,etc. Back in it's old location, with stuff added, (accessories).

Taken from the bed, door is on the right. Moved the exercise equipment (sweater drying exercise equipment) out to another room, now it is just a guest room, or watch trashy tv room.

The other room, my tulle desk, and pleather desk. Lately I have totally loved white, yes, it is a color. Pic taken standing in door. (No befores, this room changes all the time).

Standing just in door and looking to the left, the clothing drying equipment, oops, exercise equipment is now back in here.

Also, all the stuff waiting to go on Ebay. I think I like it. I may leave it this way awhile.

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