Monday, August 15, 2011

Painting Stairs

So we have these awkward old steps leading down to our family room. Came with the house. In fact, when we moved in, it was the top step and the two bottoms, and we added a layer of bricks, it was a long step down. They have been every color from brick red to black. When our dog was older, we painted them in this stripe, thinking it would be easier for him to see it. I don't know if it made it any easier for the dog, but it did for people walking between the rooms.

You can see in later shots, there are 2 sets of these stairs, one into and out of dining room, and one into and out of the kitchen.

Anyway, they were looking nasty, so they got a repaint. Like all painting projects, it did take longer than I anticipated, but was worth it.



After, I painted the tan, white, and left it striped because as you can see coming from the dining room, you do need to know it's there, and in the winter months this house can be kind of dark.

Looking into the dining room.

Wide shot, it is kind of cool, because it does keep the white of the bookcases running thru the room. Yes, I did just paint those solid white from a 2 tone. I love them white.

See the nasty old stairs go into 2 places. But since I am not ripping them out, I am just making do. And I do like. I was originally going to do a Novogratz and stencil or write, "watch your step", but the hubs was not a fan of that, so I said ok.

What are you working on? What are you making do with? Let me know.

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