Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Thomas O'Brien's Personal House

I was thinking about houses and design, and how what was functional years ago, is not functional now. Then, I ran across this old picture of Thomas O'Brien's personal house and it says it all.

Don't you just love the 2 long console style tables. At first you might think they are dining tables, but no, they look to be for projects, reading, or a laptop perhaps, and the lamp, I am sure there is no plug, or he is doing like the rest of us and stringing it across the floor. You can even spy another chair in the foreground bottom right.

So, that brings me to my thought. Tables are great in family rooms, for anything, projects, homework, laptops, ok, snacking and watching trashy tv. So where do you find a good console type table like these? They are nice.
Close up of same room, with the tables set to eat at.

Close up of the tables set for fun and projects.

Repurpose, reuse, reinvent. Go for it. Oh, and here's a thought I read somewhere, if plan a or be fails, remember you have another 22 letters to go. Smile.

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