Monday, August 1, 2011

BBQ Chicken Salad -- What's for Dinner?

Dinner update!! My BBQ Chicken Salad.

For today's post read below. Yum.

I have an avocado on my kitchen counter, and a couple of tomatoes, and some chicken in the fridge. So, what's for dinner?

Well, I think I will go to Trader Joe's and pick up their Healthy 8 Chopped Veggie Mix, use a cup or so, and mix it with some salad lettuce, then.....

I am thinking bbq chicken salad. Best part, left over bbq chicken can be used on a pizza, (I like a pita pizza or an english muffin style). Also, if you have pita's you can just put the bbq chicken in them. Oh, and too many pitas to eat. Just freeze, seperate the pitas with wax paper, and put in their plastic bag, or a ziploc and freeze, when ready to eat, sit pita on counter on a paper towel, and they thaw quick.

For the bbq chicken, either bake in oven, or in a crock pot, just cook chicken, shred, or chop, and put on your salad. Reserve some to make a pizza tomorrow. For the pizza just add pizza cheese and bbq sauce and bake, 2 meals in one. Yum.

Picture below is CPK's bbq chicken salad. Great inspiration.

Cook once, eat twice. Oh, and bbq chicken is also great over the top of any rice.


  1. Mmm BBQ chicken! I am such a cheater though with my food -- I will make BBQ turkey meatballs and eat them plain with potatoes, and then I will take the leftovers, cut them up, and put them in pasta with a red sauce! It's TOO easy and delicious!

    Your salad looks spectacular!!!