Thursday, September 29, 2011

Fur Chairs - Hairy Chairs

I have been seeing fur chairs, throws, you name it. Draped on couches, chairs, benches. Love it all. The 2 below are from Pottery Barn, but get to the end it is my personal favorite.

This one below is my fave. Don't know where it is from. But, love it.

Here's a hint. If you want some fur, sheepskin, any of that now is the best time. Go to your local fabric store, or even big box store (for a throw). At the fabric store, you can cut to fit. You can even cut it to make it more uneven. Here's a tip though, check it for shedding.


I am loving that chair. Looking for a chair to fur now.


  1. These are so cool! I want one for my room with that duvet you made me! So hollywood glam!


  2. Watch out. I might make you one.
    :) I would let you know first.