Monday, September 12, 2011

Ghost Chairs -- Office -- and a Closet

Ok, so I am a total taker backer. If that is even a word. I found 4 of these folding Ghost Chairs at Goodwill, and my daughter was using them for awhile. But, since they were in her way, and not working for her, I took them back, thus making me a taker baker, but with her permission. I am using 2 in my office, and the other 2 not sure where, maybe back to my daughters? Or, in my portion of the wine room (which we are still working on).

Anyway, I have been obsessing about closets, and I really need some closet space. I don't have that many clothes, but I hate having to dig in the corner of my closet to get dressed. You see old houses have small closets, really small closets, and no storage space at all.

So, it got me surfing and I ran across Lauren Santo Domingo from, and her wonderful closet office.

It got me thinking of my own office.
One side of my office with my Goodwill Ghost Chairs.

Another view. Behind me or on the other side, is exercise equipment. I keep trying to pawn off on my daughter. I must try harder.

Lauren Santo Domingo's closet and office. She uses their 2nd bedroom as her closet and office. I like that idea.

They also have a TV room, they are converting to a nursery, and a huge vinyl record room (aka the husbands room).

I know it is a total luxury to dedicate total rooms to closets, offices, etc. But, if you have an extra room, you should use it. Why let it just sit there with the door closed? Give an extra room a try and make some use of it. Oh, use what you have, no need to purchase, re-purpose, re-work, re-use. Make a bed a lounging area/couch, use the room for video games, reading relaxing. Use your imagination.

Oh, totally couldn't resist the pic below, also Lauren Santo Domingo, her jewelry drawer. I may have to try this idea too.

If you would like to see the whole article, just click here.

Mondays, not so bad after all.

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  1. The ghost chair and the laced table are interesting pieces in your office. Hmmm.. You just need to woo your daughter more, and she'll give you that drawer. Haha!