Friday, September 9, 2011

Halloween Ghost Ring -- Again

I know, I am still thinking Halloween. But, I can't help it. I love it, and the mini Milky Ways too.

Anyway, normally I do lighted houses in the house, etc. (May not do those this year, the hubs will be bummed, last year, he got so bummed I had to do them, but.....hmmm not sure I want to decorate the inside). But I really want a ghost ring. So, I may have to scoure Wally World, and get some cheap sheets, or Tah-Jay. Then, some wood, or pvc stakes, some foam balls (prob the most expensive) and markers, currently pondering what to use instead of foam balls for the heads, something cheaper. May have to hit the Dollar Store and wander the isles. Wonder if I could do it for $20 or less? Thinking.

This one is my fav with the cauldron.

Love these from a few years ago at Grandin Road. Honestly look like they are moving.

Someone's homemade ones love. Sorry, not sure where image is from.

Grandin Road, and life size. Fun.

Grandin Road, floaty and fun.

Yay, it's Friday.

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