Thursday, September 8, 2011

Load Your Couches with Pillows

With the little bit of fall crispness in the weather it got me thinking about pillows, slipcovers, and the like. Pillows are a quick and inexpensive (if you shop at the right places) upgrade to any existing couch, chair, or bed for that matter.
Love all the jewel tone velvet pillows. Currently they are $9.99 at Cost Plus World Market, in great jewel tones. Pillow will prob last one season, you could always change the insert if it got too squishy.

Fun built in couch, loaded with pillows.

Loving velvet right now.

I loved this, because if you look closely, it is a slipcover made for a couch that has the attached front and back pillows. Best part is the slipcover looks to fit snug, so not too much movement. Loving it.

Images above via myfavoriteandmybest, pinterest (totally hooked).

Love the pile on of pillows, the throws, the patina. Look at that chair, has def seen better days, but I am loving the patina, and the fact that it is still there. Kind of glamorous (currently singing the Fergie song to spell glamorous) the old the new the worn. Image via Sunset Mag.

Currently, rearranging....."I am debi, and I need to go to rearrangers annonymous...." haha.

Also, singing -- "I washed that gray right outa my hair".

Do you dye your own hair? Random, I know.

Make it a great day.


  1. So now I see why you love so many pillows on our couch! Cute AND comfy!

    And ya, I sort of dye my own hair! (Or, you do, rather!)


  2. Haha, thanks. Love dying your hair. Yes, I have a pillow passion.