Friday, September 30, 2011

Lounge Chair Covers DIY

I have 3 lounge chairs. I have never put pads/covers on them, because here in the southwest it is spiders, spiders, spiders. The hubs checks every chair before he sits down. So, we normally just check them, throw a towel on and lounge.

With the cool mornings, and evenings, I would love to read a book on one.

Soooooo. I was cleaning out my mag/catalog stash, and ran across this one from Pottery Barn, and had an ahhh haaa moment.........see below.

This comforter (my daughter's old one), in a closet. She said she wasn't going to use it. It is no longer her style. Nice, and puffy, great colors for a patio. Sew in a straight line, (I can do that), put on some ties, (I think I can), and roll up when not in use. Thus, no spiders, cushion when you want, and best of all washable. Oh, and will easily make 3.

Two of my lounge chairs pictured below. Now, do I do it or not?


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