Friday, September 23, 2011

Making Glitter Shoes - Pumps

Make your own Glitter Shoes!! Don't theese look amazing?

Well they are a funny, ok not that funny story. Last Friday while running errands, I had to run into Pier One and get some fall type room spray, well, after parking, I went to step up on the step and fell. I was so embarassed, luckily, no one saw me, I had parked in the corner, and I could go in and get my room spray. Still I was embarassed. That same night, my neighbor was telling me about falling/tripping at a party, and wearing a short skirt. Then.....yes, that same night, my daughter went to a pub and what? Yes, fell.

What was it with last Friday? Well TGIF, and we get to do it all again.

So, I told my daughter about some glitter shoes I had seen, and guess what? She did it. They are amazing. I may need some.

Tutorial and before and afters at Bang by Lo .

Pic, Bang by Lo.

Wow, I can't believe these are the same shoes. Make some this weekend.

Bang by Lo.


  1. You're a genius! Your idea of glitter shoes saved my shoes!!

    You can use my leftover glitter -- I have OVER HALF left!!!