Wednesday, September 14, 2011

A Touch of Yellow for Fall

I think I have become my mother. I am loving a touch of yellow. What color reminds you of your mother?
Image above from Lonny Magazine, this issue. Here . I am loving the online magazines. I love the yellow door, I was just thinking about yellow doors the other day. Loving the touch of zebra in an ottoman, and well what can I say, I have always wanted an entry table. Although, I am sure it would be covered with stuff. However, my house design is never going to allow for an entry table.

Love yellow velvet. Not sure where pic is from.

Yellow and zebra. Need I say more. Too fun. Not my style, but totally fun. (I did the polka dot Gossip Girl style headboard--remember). Love it. Not sure where pic is from.

Yellow, shaggy throw and love the door. Not sure where pic is from.

Great use of old beds. Pic from Elle Decor.

Yellow, it's for all year long. Enjoy.

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