Monday, October 31, 2011

Project a Day --- or Week?

Happy Monday. The beginning of another week. Oh ya, and it's Halloween, my excuse to eat a candy bar or two. I have been doing a project a day -- or week, depending on the project. Most I don't blog about as they are just regular house maintenance, or deep cleaning (more of that always needed in an old house).

This weekend, we washed the house. Yes, you heard that right, the stucco/sto was dirty and yukky, so we used our house with pressure attachment, and then in a few places, had to scrub with some Simple Green. When done, we washed the windows with Sprayway, found at my local grocery store. If you have never used Sprayway, it does a magical job on windows, and way less streaking than anything I have ever used.

So enough about weekend chores. This weeks project is to get my family pics back up. After painting the bookshelves, (way previous post). I decided to do a family pic wall. Similar to the one below. I have my Michaels coupon 40% off, so, is it a large canvas? Or, do I scour Goodwill get an old frame, paint it, and put canvas in it? Or, do I get the cheap large poster frame, do the mirror treatment with spray paint, then put pics on. Decisions, decisions. Either way, it will be cost effective, and I will post the results, hopefully, by the end of the week. Wish me luck.

Inspiration below. I may go all black and white. Haven't decided.

Come on do some projects, they don't have to cost much. Paint your baseboards, a door, or deep clean a room, you will feel better.

Friday, October 28, 2011

Italian Cream Soda

I am always looking for something to drink, other than Diet Soda. I love sparkling waters, club soda, and just good old water with a slice of orange or lemon.

I saw this recipe over at Dreamy Whites and had to share it. It is for a simple easy Italian Cream Soda.

1 Cup Club Soda
2 Tablespoons milk or 1/2 and 1/2
2 Tablespoons vanilla, I may try the Torani sugar free vanilla syrup.
Stir and enjoy.
Or serve in a large pitcher, or punch bowl.

Enjoy. Image via Dreamy Whites.

Thursday, October 27, 2011

Pumpkin Pie Cocktail

I love all things pumpkin. A few years ago, at a neighborhood bar the hubs and I had a marvelous pumpkin pie cocktail. Recipe below.

You could put in a martini glass, ours was just served in a tall cocktail glass. Any would do.

1 Tablespoon canned pumpkin pie mix (you can use canned pumpkin, it just isn't as sweet).
2 oz 1/2 and 1/2
2 oz vodka
1 oz spiced rum

Mix pumpkin and 1/2 and 1/2 with whisk.
Pour ice in a glass and add vodka and spiced rum. Then and pumpkin mixture, and stir.

If choosing a martini glass. Mix ice vodka and rum in a shaker, then add pumpkin mixture and shake, strain into martini glass.

Go as fancy or simple as you would like, by rimming the glass with sugar, or topping with whipped cream and a shake of cinnamon.


Friday, October 21, 2011

Friday Fun

At the grocery store the other day the checker said, "Oh, today's my Friday." It got me to thinking how everyone loves a Friday. Well, I do believe that Friday is just a state of mind. Make today a great Friday. You don't have to do anything special, just smile and enjoy life.

These flowers are from my daughter for my birthday the other day. It is said that flowers lessen stress. These have made me smile all week.

No pic, but loving what I am reading on my Kindle, "I'll walk Alone", by Mary Higgins Clark, and "Devoted", by Hillary Duff.

This little bear is next to my computer making me smile. I used to sneak it in my daughter's backpack with a treat around this time of year.

Found these bracelets hiding in my jewelry box. Totally make me smile, my daughter made them years ago when she was little. May have to wear one and share one with her.
The view out my living room window. Love my ghosts.

Peeking pumpkins out of the fireplace.

Cheap pumpkin candle from the grocery store, smells amazing.

My neighbor made me a fun wreath. It is spray painted black chili peppers.

The New Mexico Skies.

Make it a great day.

Thursday, October 20, 2011

Pumpkin Bread

I love pumpkin bread, pumpkin pie, pumpkin donuts, anything pumpkin. So, when I was at the grocery store and saw this bread I had to try it. It is amazing. Just a hint of pumpkin in the swirl, has a great texture. Yay, I don't have to make pumpkin bread (I am not the best cook), but can totally enjoy it.

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Easy DIY Art

Here are some budget friendly DIY art ideas.
This one below is super easy. Get art canvas (use your Michael's coupon), and paint in colors that you like and hang. Go vertical, or do squares and go horizontal. All up to you.

I saw this image below on Apartment Therapy. Love that site. Anyway, make your own Scrabble Tiles. Just cut wood, sand and paint.

The image below, is from remodelaholic. Love it. Stripe canvas. Super easy and simple.

The weekend is coming......

Friday, October 14, 2011

Dick Van Dyke Show for Inspiration

This is an odds and ends post. I have been looking for inspiration for my old 1947 house, just to freshend and refreshen it. I love the Dick Van Dyke show and while watching on instant download I ran into some home inspiration.

The home was open in the living/family room, with three seperate living areas, and a dining area. This is to the right, and there is a fire place area, and the dining table and it goes into the kitchen.

The pic below shows the entrance with the first chair area, then in front the main sitting and watching TV area (they had a small portable TV to watch the "Alan Brady Show", and periodically you saw it rolled into the bedroom). To the right of this photo is the fire place area and dining room from the previous photo. You could put these two together to see the whole room. Love the seperate areas for sitting. You? Anyway, it got me to thinking about multiple areas in one room. And then odds and ends, which is what is now happening in this random post.

Here's some odds and ends. Love the movie Hanging Up, and their old furniture with the blanket on the couch, and the fact that it is a rustic couch, and the old rustic chair, also loving the stacked suitcases.

Also from Hanging Up, loving the dining area in the kitchen with a table at coffee table height.

Love entry way tables, and chairs.

Love the fringe on this sofa. I saw something similar on Donna Decorates Dallas. A little hot glue? Would be fun on the bottom of a bed and very glamorous.

Enjoy the odds and ends.
I hope you have found some inspiration. Maybe furniture rearranging over the weekend for me. You?

Thursday, October 13, 2011

Hanging Halloween Ghosts and Standing Ghosts

As I mentioned in an earlier post, Halloween is a big deal on our block. However, I just can't get in the mood. But, I did finally get my mojo back, and did this little display for less than $6.00.

Old sheets, free, 6 pumpkin pails, $.89 at Goodwill, covered, in white plastic trash bags to hide the orange, free. The standing ghosts, are on large paint stirs 2 for each, taped together with duct tape, again, free, had in the garage.

Loving them. It is a little breezy today and they are floating in the wind.

So cute, not really scary.


Oh, and the standing ghosts, are just standing in old flower pots filled with dirt.

Honestly no tutorial for this as it is so easy. Just poke hole in top of pail and cover with garbage bag, then cover with sheet, and hang, or stick in the ground. Happy Halloween decorating.

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Loving Orange

Loving Orange. Saw some orange sheets at Wally World, and totally thought they were cute. Here are some orange images to wet your appetite.

Orange laundry rooms. How fun.

Bright and cheerful.

Would be fun in a guest room.

Would like this with red as well.

Simple fun.

Boo, think Halloween.

All images, google images.

Monday, October 10, 2011

Finally - Halloween Decorations

Finally, I have decided on my Halloween Decorations. My neighborhood goes crazy for Halloween.

Normally, I do lighted Halloween Houses down my table, but just not feeling it this year, so I may leave them packed up.

I was toying with the idea of a Halloween Ghost Ring, again, just not feeling it.

Then, I remembered the movie "Hanging Up" and Perfect!!! Totally feeling the Hanging Ghosts. That is what I am going to do.

My porch below, just waiting for some hanging ghosts. Can't wait. I have an old white sheet, that will make at least 6 ghosts. To the dollar store I go for some cheap pumpkin pales, and I have some white spray paint in the garage, then hang on fishing wire, which I have, and done. Can't wait.

I am so excited that I have finally figured it out. What are you doing?

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Leaf raking tip

Not a very glamorous post, but a realistic post. Raking leaves. We have 3/4 of an acre, and the leaves fall everywhere. I normally just wait until they all fall. However, my neighbor across the street does a little each day. So, I thought, since I hate when they all fall, and I spend 2 days doing nothing but leaves, all day long, I would take my neighbor's approach. It will work for all the trees, but the Mulberry out front, which drops it's leaves in one day after a hard freeze. It is a 14+ bagger.

So, I did an hour of leaves. Quick tip below.

Yes, a leaf raking tip. I saw a landscape company do this. They raked into the box, then put in their can. Worked great, and didn't have to do too much bending. Will be doing it this way for awhile.

While raking, I was contemplating my closet. The small section in the bottom corner, with a bit of shoe storage above. I don't know why I have those shoes, I never wear them. Anyway, thinking of taking over another closet in the house and spreading out. Ya, like that would be easy. Old house, small closets. Every closet is packed to the rim with storing stuff or crap, you choose.

I try and do a mini project on my house at least once a day, or a mini clean on something. What are you doing today?

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Kitchens -- Kitchens -- Kitchens

With the change in the weather I have been comtemplating my kitchen. My house was built in 1947, so painted cabinets are what it has. Over the years, my cabinets which started a weird cream color, have been red, green, black, white, and are currently Martha Stewart's Bedford Gray. So my dilema I just refresh my paint, change it entirely, or leave alone. I am loving the thought of a two toned kitchen.

Kitchens I admire. I don't have credits for all the images, if it is your kitchen, please let me know. thanks. My kitchen is at the end.

Gray, I can't help myself I love it.

Loving a 2 tone kitchen, wood tones, and painted tones. Also, would not mind white or black appliances. Stainless is impossible to keep clean.

2 toned kitchen.

Loving the darker gray. Image Atlanta Home Magazine.

Ok, I really love this kitchen in the white and gray. Image Cottage Living Magazine.

Lots and lots of muted gray.

Ok, you see a theme here? What is cute about the above kitchen is the tall table as an addition to the bar. Unique and cute idea.

My kitchen below.

Concrete counters, glass backsplash, and the Martha Stewart Bedford Gray Paint.

Took a pic with the flash on to show the lightness of the cabinets.

I love these lights, although at night they are a little like spotlights. We were in Costco and found them, put them up in one afternoon, and under $35.00.

Kitchens. What is yours like?

Monday, October 3, 2011

Albuquerque International Balloon Fiesta

So while contemplating what to post today it being Monday and all, I heard a balloon overhead, (it is ballon fiesta), imagine my surpirse when he was yelling down to the school kids next door, "Can we land here?". Land here/there he did. What a treat.

Beautiful skies, and it is going to be a great Monday.

What fun bright primary colors. Enjoy. Monday isn't so bad after all.
Oh, and I am still contemplating my outside chaise chairs.

Saturday, October 1, 2011

Chunky Curb Chain Bracelets

Chunky Curb Chain Bracelets available in my Etsy Store, Shop Shelby Lynn. Just look left and click.

Sorry, shameless self promotion.

Two tone.

Multi Chain.